Git Annex Wrapper
Works a bit like git annex assistant but allows a me to easily make magic happen with data.
LUKS Manager
Manages LUKS encryptred drives from the terminal.
Generates passphrases from a word list.
Apt offline
Helps manage several computers with apt-offline and git-annex
Basic terminal calculator.
Prime Counter
Lists prime number given a range.
Average Scores
Shows average of test scores.
Animalfarm Polymorphism
Calls function to display preset text.
Lawfirm Project
Call function to do calculation based on argument passed.
Test Cars
function that takes arguments to display information about cars.
Random Number Game
Guess the number a computer picks.
Multiplication Table
Java doing the multiplication table.
Work Input
Form that takes user input and saves it to a database.
All in 1 Contact
Html/php form that sends the user input to an email.
Check Credit Card
Verify user input to check if it a in a credit card format.
Jumbo Maker
Gets a sentence from the user and mixes word placement.
Check user input to see if it matches a password.
Speed and Distance
PHP script to calculate speed and distance.